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Technology In Medical Clinics

Medical treatments are often quoted as being at the cutting edge of technology in pursuit of human comfort and longevity. But, the local doctor's offices are often seen as "conservative" and not open to technology whether it be using paper charts or booking appointments only through fax or phone.

The latest technology application for booking appointments allows patients to book online on the clinic's website with the patient fully in control of the date and time they chose for their appointment. They receive a confirmation once the clinic has verified that the time slot requested is available. Patients can now book appointments 24x7 and do not have to dread waiting on hold for long times before they speak with a human being.

The Womens Health Institute also uses an online booking tool to facilitate smooth and easy appointment booking experience for our patients. The online tool is available right on our website and displays available time slots throughout the week. We also use EMR - Electronic Medical Records, to store all medical charts of our patients. No stacks of paper files that patients are used to in other offices. Searching for information about treatments, medications, dosages, conditions are all available at a click of a button. Backups are stored offsite as well as multiple places within the clinic.

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